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Live-Edge Slabs Woods

These are typically larger dimension pieces from natural wide and tall trees. Sometimes a clearly demarcated contrast between heartwood and sapwood is desirable. Some designers may prefer uniform colors with only light streaks or figures. Natural variation — including what some may deem as ‘defects’– are often embraced as distinctive features.

Live-Edge Slabs        
Name specieScientific NameDensity
(kgf) 12%
Elastic Modulus (GPa)Rupture Modulus (MPa)Crushing Stength (MPa)Shrinkage RadialShrinkage TangentialT/R Ratio
Bitterwood (Danto)Vatairea lundellii75363419.599.658.04.5%7.8%1.7
Brasiletto (Palo de Brasil)Haematoxylon brasiletto825
Ceiba (Ceiba)Ceiba pentandra3201274.
Guanacaste (Conacaste)Enterolobium cyclocarpum4402138.556.637.22.2%4.9%7.1%2.2
Hormigo (Hormigo)Platymiscium dimorphandrum7601,22519.6147.280.72.8%4.2%7.2%2.5
Logwood (Palo de Tinto)Haematoxylon campechianum881
Monkey Pod (Cenízaro)Samanea saman6414317.965.739.92.0%3.4%6.0%1.7
Nargusta (Canxan)Terminalia amazonia76982015.2122.566.06.4%8.7%14.9%1.4
Ramon (Ramón)Brosimum alicastrum84980416.496.364.05.8%8.2%12.2%1.4